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Revolutionary Contactless Scan-To-Order App Lets

Your Customers Find and Buy Your Products By Scanning a Simple Barcode

Don't let COVID completely put you out of business! More than 85% of Local Businesses are Struggling to Make any Profit and are on the Verge of Permanent Closure

A Scan-To-Order App Will Revive Your Local Business... 

in just 3 Simple Steps:

Customer scans the Barcode

Customer Orders the Items

The Item is Picked up or Delivered


Giant Businesses Have Already Made The Big Moves… While Small Local Businesses Were Left Behind

Learning how to operate in the Covid-19 environment will decide if your business stays open or closes. Big businesses have accepted this fact & have made their complete customer checkout & in-store experience “Contactless”. Because they know if they won’t do it, their business will die. Have a look how big brands have implemented the “Contactless” experience in their stores:




  • Stop paying high DoorDash and Uber Eats  fees

  • Stop paying high 20-30% to the big companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats, not to mention the activation and marketplace fees.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Stand out from your competition by allowing your customers a contactless convenient way to order and pay for your products.

  • Your customers can use Android or iOS devices

  • Never lose a customer because of the type of device they use. Your new scan-to-order app works on any device.

    Let your customer order from anywhere, anytime.


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